Friday, May 6, 2016

The Echigoya Maxikorg DV800 Saga (warning- angry words)


This maxi korg was resold to me by a Japanese ebayer (nice pretty Japanese lady, well at least from FB and she is very very polite and patient Japanese House wife with a Gaijin hubby on Ebay doing all the correspondance), apparently they claimed this synth was bought from Echigoya.

Off goes the pitch after 3 weeks (again)

The pitching went off after 3 weeks (again). This lady offered to let me send back and it was supposed to be under warranty and Echigoya is supposed to fix it for free...(as I was told by our pretty ebayer)...So I dug into my cash and spent another $700 to Fedex the synth to Echigoya.

'Warranty' with Echogoya

But lo and behold, she called me 2 weeks later- Echigoya said warranty does not cover outside Japan. So the lady ebayer and I came to agreement to split the repair costs (about $250). She sent it back to me in SG, paid the bloody Japanese customs the import and export taxes.

Well, I played the Maxikorg for 2 days....the same problem came back. I flipped and emailed the ebayer. This time she referred me to the original owner of the usual a polite email saying they are sorry etc etc and will do their best to comfort my sufferings...

The bad samurai deal

So our dear Japanese friend says "send me back the Echoigoya Maxikorg and pay me another USD 800 and I will get you a new one from 5Gs music...yeah, how does it sound to you?

I must be a sucker to agree...SGD$2400+$700+$1000 = $4100 to trade for Maxikorg (hey it isn't a Roland Jupiter or Sequential Circuits). I can buy a fully serviced and warrantied one from Synth n Stuff or Modeless Factory.

Lessons learnt

a) I already paid freight and repair fee and it still broke down. By right I should have approached ebay to ask for full refund. Problem is, I was so eager to refurbish the Maxi, I airbrushed it black to within the 1st week so I can'r return as damaged goods. NEVER, refurbish or mod your synth until after 30 days when you can ask for refund from Ebay

b) NEVER buy from ebayers even when they claim synth is in full working conditions

c) NEVER, NEVER, buy synths from ECHIGOYA. They buy old synths, I know they are cheaper than 5Gs test them and CLAIM its refurbished. ITs NOT TRUE....there are even dust balls inside when I opened up the Maxikorg. SUE ME Echigoya, prove me otherwise! You did a crap job fixing my synth!

So the story continues struggle to fix the Maxikorg.... Part II coming up.


  1. Sorry to hear about this. I just purchased one as well and am happy it goes well. Would you mind telling me how wide the maxi-korg is? Trying to figure out where I can place it in my racks

  2. hello from Indonesia :)

    whoa...I was just about to buy Prophet-600 from Japan, but after reading your post, maybe I'm postponing the purchase :D