Saturday, November 8, 2014

Restoration of broken down minikorg700

Minikorg works suddenly on Sunday morning

My local PC tech replaced all the capacitors but to no avail...still droning sounds

So one Friday evening, I decided to clean the tuning pots with rubbing alcohol and cotton buds and tweaking them, making sure not to clean away the sharpie marker markings made by the factory. I made  sure I set the pots back to original positions after the maxikorg lesson.

I switched on the minikorg this morning and cranked the switches and did some LFO with traveler...

Suddenly the headphones went soft and the keyboard started working. Clean and in tune notes...

My non-professional conclusion, the pots are dirty and old pots are preventing the current from VCO to the output..

Here is a clip of the sound test

Replacement of missing sliders with maxikorg sliders

The seller of my maxikorg recommended me to a ebay seller in Holland who restores vintage synth

He sold me several original replacement sliders and also a Maxikorg VCO.

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