Saturday, September 6, 2014

Restoring the wooden end panels of Maxikorg

I decided to try restoring the original plywood ends, my last resort will be re-fabricating new ones using plywood or any wood I can find in the lumber merchants near me.

I searched the net on how to 'repair chipped plywood'. I stumbled upon a website where someone recommended using wood putty to restore chipped off edges of a hotel TV cabinet.

I made a trip to the local Home-fix. I showed the salesman the work out end panel and he recommended me 'plastic wood' to patch up the plywood, he also recommended me Ronsend woodstain.

Here are the pictures of the putty repair work. I used Tamiya plastic strips as shoring

Here is the Maxikorg without wooden panels.

You will need to remove the synth cover (2 screws on each side, under the wooden side panels) to remove the wooden panels on the keyboard section.

I took this opportunity to remove the cover to explore around the innards and more importantly tune the maxikorg

The chaps from vintage synth forums recommended me to open up the synth and tune the pots. By Trial and error, I managed to get the maxikorg a lot more in tune than before in one evening...not perfect but at least 98-99% in tune...maybe a couple of cents off. 

I will talk about the tuning in another post next time.


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