Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brief maintenance of Minikorg 700s

TheI ordered a brand of synthesizer fader/ potentiometer grease.

It was kinda of waste of money. It didn't seem to make the sound better but it seems worse off...softer and weaker portemolo.

Here are the innards of my minikorg 700s.

This is a picture of the offending/vibrating oscillator panel...nope the grease didn't make it better...I was recommended to use electrical spray to clean it sir, I am not going I risk it...not on my only korg left (DV800 is almost gone to Synth heaven)

The birth certificate of the 700s 
It could a case of leaking chemical spray or water? The seal and date of manufacturer and testing are all blurred there is no way I determine the manufacturer late.

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