Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Changing broken G key in maxikorg

I brought back my maxikorg from Randolf while he is away on tour.

I managed to change the broken G key using moog prodigy keys bought from Costa Rica via ebay.
They fit like glove. You will patience and much care to slowly shave and file the J hook to size to fit into the maxikorg slots.

Otherwise the size is identical to maxikorg orginal keys.

Here is the maxikorg with the Moog keys and closeup of the original broken key (glued using an ice-cream stick)...This Maxikorg is really a bad buy...for USD 2000, its really trashy.

OEM Korg IC chips? Possible? Yes for MiniKorgs, NO for Maxikorgs 

The facebook page korg maxikorg DV800 has a link to buy OEM reversed engineered chips at very  reasonable prices from EU. These chips were reversed engineered based on the original ones. Looks like I may have to order them soon for this maxikorg

After note: The seller of the chip is a nice chap by the name of Toni

His blog is

He has advised that he has to date only developed chips for Minikorgs 700/700s and traveller chips for Mini and MaxiKorgs.

His chip for Oscillator for DV800 Maxikorg is pending testing because he has no MaxiKorg to test out and will only be out in 2015/2016...

I have also taken the chance to take photos of the original korg chips VCO and traveller chips

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