Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Report on Repair Works done on Maxikorg by Urban Music

Repair Works by Urban Music Japan

To date, Urban Music and Kaz is the 1st full-time synthesizer/ organ technician I have worked with.

I must say I am impressed by the efficiency and no-nonsense approach of Japanese technicians. The fee, inclusive of shipping is very very affordable and reasonable.

They have listed the cost of repair of damaged components in Maxikorg. The CV buffer FETs have worn-out and damaged causing the single tone and they have added a resistor to stabilize the drifting pitch. They have even added an extra knob for me. I should have removed the homemade faders too.

The term "aging' sounds funny and ironical for a middle-aged synthesizer player. Both the musician and machine are both aging approximately at the same rate (both Maxi and I are 40 yrs of age when the blog is written)...Maxi has gone for her functional test, but her owner hasn't gone for his medical test for a long time :p

Now, I am waiting eagerly for Maxi to return to my arms before testing the repaired sounds again.

Urban Music has packed my beloved DV800 nicely before shipping out to SG again.

Now starts the waiting game.

MAXIKORG lands in SG!

4days later, I received maxikorg and these were the transistors that were spoilt.

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